Honey Squad


Welcome to the hive

Do you have a passion for helping others to achieve their goals?  Do you want to REALLY connect with people who are looking for guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability?

Do you want to earn some extra income to help contribute to the family bills, pay for soccer camp, or buy that new Lululemon outfit without feeling guilty? Do you like discounts on amazing products you are already using?

Do you want to grow personally, spiritually, and creatively through a passion centered business that when done correctly, always leads with love. Do you want to work with people you actually like? True friends who will pick up the phone when you are having a rough day and encourage you to move forward.  Do you want something that is JUST YOURS? Coaching could be the vehicle to get you there.

This shit is fun!

I call my team the Honey Squad because honey takes a lot of work to make, but the result is so sweet and like a military squadron, we won’t leave anyone behind. Whether we are working on our own personal growth or you want to pay it forward by helping others, we hold each other up and hold each other accountable to the goals we set for ourselves.

There are three types of coaches and there is room for all of them on the squad. I am always looking for people,  who can ask the question, How are you?  and truly care about the answer.

Prime Customer

This is for someone who likes discounts…and who doesn’t like discounts? If you have fallen in love with Shakeology and you are drinking it on a monthly basis, then this is a perfect option for you! When a customer enrolls as a Prime Customer they save 25% on all Beachbody products, so you can save between $15-$20/month without ever having to sell a thing!

Side Hustle/ Hobby Coach

Do you ever wish you shop at Whole Foods, or Anthropology, or Lululemon once and a while and not worry about the price tag? Becoming a Hobby Coach is a great way to pay for little indulgences in life you might not otherwise be able to afford. It’s a great option for someone who wants to pay it forward by helping others with their health and fitness goals while giving you and your family a little extra financial cushion.

Business Builder

This is for someone who is ready to build a self-sustaining business either as a side hustle or a full-time gig. You will work on both the retail side and the team building side of the business.

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