NaNoWriMo 2017 | Day 13

This Almost Didn’t Happen

Life is so beautiful sometimes my heart can barely contain itself.

I’m sitting on a plane looking at my beautiful family and crying. We’ve been up since 3am. We are all blurry-eyed and foggy brained. Heading east, into the sunrise for our annual pilgrimage to my husband’s home town.

Peyton is curled up on her dad’s lap. She feels safe and loved. Owen is curiously looking out the window. I love to watch his brain work. The baby is kicking the inside of my belly, and I am overwhelmed with the possibilities of what this new life will bring to our family. It is all too beautiful. My husband catches my eye just as they are welling up with tears. I smile and quickly I look out the window. I am awe struck with to see the fire rainbow God has painted across the horizon. It feels like it was made just for me. God is saying, “Yes Emily, you can be happy. You deserve this. You are worthy of all of this love.”

This almost didn’t happen

I had many opportunities to let it slip away, or push It away, or throw I️t away, but somehow I stayed just on the other side of oblivion. Somehow I walked the tightrope and when I finally fell, I landed in happiness.

Nanowrimo update

I totally hit a writing slump last week, but this week I am back! My husband is from a town of 800 people and everywhere you look it is prime time daydream scenery. I can’t help but be inspired. Plus being with my family 24/7 gives me plenty of inspiration. To keep up with all the latest trips through my thoughts check out my Facebook Page