P90X3 | Program Review From an Admitted X3 Junkie

Most of you landing here will have just seen an infomercial on TV about P90X3 or you have had friends tell you about it. You might be wondering if this is B.S, does it really work and if it does, can I actually do it? Don’t worry, I have personally both P90X and P90X3 (3 times) with two littles and a hubby in grad school and we all survived.

So What’s This All About?

P90X3 is a 90-day fitness and nutrition program that builds off the science behind the wildly successful original P90X. Tony Horton, master trainer and terrible joke-teller is back to put the hurt on in a good way.  There are sixteen 30-minute workouts and two bonus workouts. There is also a killer 15 min abs workout you can throw in a few days a week. The program is a full 90 days divided into three 4 week blocks. You can choose from three schedules, Classic, Lean, Mass, and Doubles. For our purposes, I’m reviewing the Classic Schedule. The Transition Week is the same for each block.

Say Whaaaat??

Tony Horton, works off the concepts of Muscle Confusion, Muscle Integration, and Muscle Acceleration. To me, those are some pretty big words, so here is the Cliff’s Notes version: Your muscles have memory, so doing the same moves at the same intensity level forever won’t change your body. If you what to change something, change something. Each move in each workout is designed to keep your muscles guessing so that you get maximum results and a minimum amount of time.

This idea hit me square in the face the first time I did Chest and Back from the original P90X. I usually avoid push-ups like the plague and I hadn’t attempted a  pull-up since I was a kid. I was so sore that I was afraid to do it again the next week. I was barely recovered. Each week was better than the last and by the end, I was seeing some real results!


Cold Start

If you like to push play early you might want to start with this 12-minute warm-up. It could mean the difference between a good workout and a great workout. Be careful though because Tony literally starts the workout with a yawn which is super annoying because then I find myself yawning for my entire workout. Skip the first 15 seconds or so and you’ll be all good.

Total Synergistics

This workout is so hard to describe, because there are so many elements it doesn’t quite fit into any of the usual boxes, or more accurately, it fits in too many boxes. You’re doing pull-ups, squats with weights, cardio with weights, and my favorite of all moves, Warrior-Squat-Moon. You basically do one-legged squats while moving between half moon pose and warrior three pose. It is total body strength training with some awesome yoga-type moves… Man, my muscles are getting confused just writing this. Ha! I feel like that was a joke Tony Horton would be proud of 😉

Agility X

A.K.A. My favorite workout to hate. This workout is plyo to the extreme. Think jump, jump squat, jump lunge, jump push-ups… it’s pretty much jump, jump, jumpity jump, for 30 minutes. There are a few moves I have to modify in a BIG way, but just getting through the full workout earns me a gold star. There is this one really great part that makes the whole thing worth it and that’s Chris. He is adorable and reminds me of a younger version of my hubby. Don’t tell him I said that… Love you, honey!

X3 Yoga

Before kids, I wouldn’t have considered a 30-minute yoga class real yoga, and maybe for you purists, it’s not, but X3 Yoga gets the job done. In the original P90X the yoga was a full 90 minutes. This is pretty average for most yoga studios, but when your solo in your garage and you have to nurse you 9-month old, 90 minutes is way too much. This shortened workout is intense and it incorporates all of the essential parts of a good yoga class; strength, balance, and range of motion.


A.K.A My favorite workout to love. This is interval training at it’s best. Like most of the moves in P90X3, things don’t get too complicated. Just simple and effective cardio with a light weight in your hands. I use 5lbs and find that to be plenty and I usually drop the weight altogether during the bonus round. They do a really great job showing three distinct levels of ability. Traci, #girlcrush, totally rocks the advanced version. Keith is right in the middle and Lauren is your modifier.  I really appreciate that Lauren looks like a normal human.  In some of the workouts, the modifier clearly does not need to be modifying and that can be discouraging.  (I’m looking at you, Dreya Webber)

The Warrior

Who said you need a bunch of equipment to get a good workout? Not me! The Warrior is designed to be done on the deck of an aircraft carrier. All you need is gravity to make this one hurt. You circuit between upper and lower body resistance with core and cardio work.  It’s also a good one to throw in the mix if you are training for a running race or triathlon.

Dynamix or Rest

P90X3 is a 6 day a week schedule, but the 7th day you have the option to rest or do Dynamix. This workout just feels good. It is designed to warm you up so that you have increased range of motion, flexibility, and stabilization. When I have the time I like to throw this one on in the evening after a tough workout or a long run. I find I am a lot less sore the next day.

Who is P90X3 for?

» You loved P90x and P90x2 but you wished the workouts were not so long!
» You have trouble staying motivated working out by yourself, but You Want A Coach!
» You feel lost in a gym and usually, end up on the elliptical spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.
» You have a busy schedule with no time and need a fast workout!
» You were an athlete in high school, but haven’t done much besides your weekly softball game in years and you’re ready to reclaim your youth.
» You work a ton of hours a week to pay the bills and need a more affordable option than the gym.
» You hate having to dress up for the gym and would rather work out in your Pj’s
» You Loved 21 Day Fix or 22 Minute Hard Corps and you’re ready to take it up a notch.
» You’re in this for the long haul and a 30-day program isn’t enough to get you there.
» Hey, It’s 30 minutes! Get creative and figure out a way to get it in!

Who is P90X3 is NOT for?

Beachbody wants me to say this program is for everyone, but I can’t. This program is not for people who have never worked out before. That being said, you shouldn’t be scared off by P90X3. It is a very approachable program even for you ladies out there afraid you’ll get too bulky from lifting weights (You won’t BTW) If you are brand new to working out and you’re not sure if P90X3 is right for you, shoot me an email and let’s chat.

How do I get started?

If you decide to take The Challenge, you get access to not only the wealth of tools that Beachbody has to offer but also a unique and personalized challenge group experience in my private group.

All my challengers receive:
» A personalized coaching session via Skype to walk you through your chosen program so you are ready for day 1.
» Proven short workout program options, all around half an hour.
» An easy to follow nutrition plan based on whole foods and absolutely zero starvation.
» Yummy superfood shakes to fuel your body and support healthy changes.
» Weekly emails with goal setting, recipe sharing, and meal-planning tips and tools so you never feel lost.
» Access to my online private accountability group with daily check-ins and support!
» Direct access to me via email, text or Skype. Just light up the bat signal and I’m there!
» All challenge grads will have open invitations into any and all future challenge groups!

You will also receive things like…
» An all-access pass to every workout program Beachbody has ever created, streamed straight to your iPhone,  Apple TV, Roku, or anywhere you can access the internet.
» Free daily accountability w/ the Challenge Tracker App.
» A workout calendar telling you exactly what to do each day!
» A month’s supply of Shakeology in whatever flavor(s) you choose (vegan and non-vegan available)
» An easy to follow nutrition plan booklet (with additional variations from me for paleo, vegan, etc)
» Color-coded containers that you can use to help you portion control (Available with most programs)

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