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Hello and welcome to My Just Right Life. I am honored to have you as part of my self-care community. This is a resource for the overwhelmed and underinspired mama trying to find her way through parenthood without losing herself in the process. I hope to bring you inspiring and practical content that you can use today to hep you to create a lifestyle where you are free to be your best and most authentic self.

I imagine a world in which every mama looks at her body and loves every inch of it. Not just because you can fit into your favorite pair of jeans. I want you to love your bumps and lumps, your curves, and your pooch. I want you to love every part of your body from top to bottom, back to front, inside and out. Because when you love something you take care of it.

What if…
» You never have to worry about gaining or losing weight again because you always eat the same healthy foods and have the same healthy indulgences.
» You could actively participate in your own self-care without guilt.
» At the beginning of each day, you wake up feeling excited because you are spending every minute doing exactly what you want to do and you go to bed feeling satisfied, productive, and enriched.

Pretty tall order right? Or… maybe not.

I believe in radical self-care and my mission is to empower you to put your oxygen mask on first, to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you, and to develop your own manner of living that suits you and your family’s needs.

Here at My Just Right Life you can find answers to questions like how to meal plan, stick to a fitness routine, and distract your kids so that you can get in a workout. But I also talk about the tuff stuff that many of us are too afraid to say out loud. Things like postpartum anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts. And I talk about what its like to be a mother in Recovery.

Motherhood can be hard and isolating and sometimes you might feel like you are going to lose your shit, so I hope that some of what you’ll find here will help you to feel a little less alone in this world.

If this is your first time here, I know all of this information can be overwhelming, so I’ve created this page, with some of my very best resources to get you started.

The Kitchen

Crash Course in Meal Planning
Vegan Black Bean Pasta
Portion Control (21 Day Fix Containers)
3 Day Refresh: A Step by Step Guide

The (At Home) Gym

14 Reasons Why Working out at Home is Perfect for Busy Moms
P90X3: A program Review from an Admitted X3 Junkie

Sunday Favorites

5 Quick and Easy Plant-Based (ish) Snacks
5 Apps to Tame Your Monkey Mind
5 Podcasts I Never Miss

Monday Musings

It Took a Year
The Worries
Dear Judgement, We’re Breaking Up

An Amends to My Body: One Woman’s Road to Recovery

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