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Wellness challenge

I once read this piece from Zen Habits called, “The Compassionate Way to Health and Fitness” In it, he talks about the problem with striving for an ideal. No matter what we do that ideal is more like a fantasy and it is impossible for it to turn out exactly they way we imagined it would. It’s not that our journey isn’t worthwhile, and that goals aren’t important, it’s our relationship to those goals that can cause problems.

Too often our inner dialogue is so critical of our bodies. “I hate my … (insert body part here)” becomes our mantra and we have it on repeat all day. You can love your body, every lump, bump, and pooch and still seek change and personal growth. I feel like we ALL would have more “success” if we began with loving our bodies exactly how they are FIRST.

Starting on a journey to a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t be born out of hating your body, but of loving your body…

Because when you love something you want to take care of it.

Beginning with love will bring you better, faster, and more lasting results. You will learn to care for your body intuitively, and dare I say it… you will actually begin to enjoy the process. As the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert put it, “What if joy was your only measure of success?”

Wellness Challenge

So, Are you up for the Challenge?

Let me start by saying I know what you’re feeling.  Fear mixed with a little bit of hope.  You’re thinking there is no way with the kids, the house, the job that I will ever have the time, let alone the energy for something like this. If you’re anything like me you have a pile of clean laundry that has been sitting in a basket on the floor of your bedroom for a week, the dishes don’t stop and you just spent 2 hours at the grocery store only to pick up a pizza on your way home.  Believe me, I get it. But here’s the thing, we women by nature are caretakers and that role causes us to put our own self-care on the back burner until we feel like everyone and everything is taken care of. Well, I say no more! It’s time to put your oxygen mask on first. Let me help.

I’ve partnered with one of the nation’s best and most proven fitness companies to give you effective systems that you can fit into your busy life. Together we will find a fitness program and nutrition plan that works for you.  We will set goals, plan, build healthy habits, and problem solve ways to help you make healthy choices that fit into your life. We will work to rebuild confidence, banish negative self-talk, and re-train your mind how to think about your health and nutrition!

If you can relate to any of this and you are looking for a way to become unstuck I would love to work with you! I want to form a community exclusively for you mamas who are ready to make small, but sustainable changes in their lives that will lead to BIG results!

wellness challenge

Remember when I told you I get it? We here is how I got there.

In 2009 I somehow convinced the love of my life to marry me.  In our first two in a half years, we suffered a miscarriage, got a puppy, had a baby, bought a house and had another baby.  Needless to say, we had our hands full. After the birth of my second child, my body felt so foreign to me. Plus I had the added pressure of being in my best friend’s wedding six months later. Terrified of being the only size 14 in the wedding party my husband and I decided to try out P90X. We had seen the infomercials on TV so we thought we’d give it a shot.

Determined to finish by the wedding we hit those DVD’s like gangbusters and within a few weeks, I started to see some real changes in my body. I loved doing the program with my husband. We had something to talk about other than the kids.  We complained about sore muscles and made fun of Tony Horton’s jokes. We could push each other and support each other and we became stronger. By the time my friend’s wedding came around I had gone from a size 14 down to a size 8. I felt strong, confident, and beautiful.

Fast forward a year and two rounds of P90X3 a friend of mine introduced me to 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. I had already made working out at home a part of my life, but incorporating clean eating and portion control was a total game changer and I was seeing some unexpected results.  I say unexpected because I figured if I worked out and ate clean I would lose weight and gain muscle tone. What I didn’t expect was that I would have improved sleep, digestion, and mood. I had found joy in the process.

My workouts became my happy place and the kitchen became my medicine cabinet.

Wellness Challenge

What do I get?

If you decide to take The Love Your Body First Challenge, you get access to not only the wealth of tools that Beachbody has to offer but also a unique and personalized challenge group experience in my private group.

All my challengers receive:
» A personalized coaching session via Skype to walk you through your chosen program so you are ready for day 1.
» Proven short workout program options, all around half an hour.
» An easy to follow nutrition plan based on whole foods and absolutely zero starvation.
» Yummy superfood shakes to fuel your body and support healthy changes.
» Weekly emails with goal setting, recipe sharing, and meal-planning tips and tools so you never feel lost.
» Access to my online private accountability group with daily check-ins and support!
» Direct access to me via email, text or Skype. Just light up the bat signal and I’m there!
» All challenge grads will have open invitations into any and all future challenge groups!

You will also receive things like…
» An all-access pass to every workout program Beachbody has ever created, streamed straight to your iPhone,  Apple TV, Roku, or anywhere you can access the internet.
» Free daily accountability w/ the Challenge Tracker App.
» A workout calendar telling you exactly what to do each day!
» A month’s supply of Shakeology in whatever flavor(s) you choose (vegan and non-vegan available)
» An easy to follow nutrition plan booklet (with additional variations from me for paleo, vegan, etc)
» Color-coded containers that you can use to help you portion control (Available with most programs)

What do I have to do?

I’m so glad you asked! I know you’re worried that you’ll never get to taste any of the foods you love again. Here’s the thing, this is your journey and I’m here to support you in this. For this to work, it means that you are going to have to be able to make it fit into your lifestyle. We don’t diet around here. We cultivate positive lifestyle changes. I’m looking to help women get healthy for life, not just for the high school reunion you have coming up.

That being said here are some things you will most likely have to give up to get the best results:
» The notion that nothing works for you
» The idea that you’ll always hate how you look
» The idea that your self-worth is dependent on how you look
» That habit of binging on junk food when you’re stressed or sad
» While we’re at it, let’s just say goodbye to junk food for a while altogether
» Processed crap that’s loaded with chemicals and preservatives
» Bad for you habits like smoking or excessive drinking
» Listening to the nay-sayers in your life who tell you that you can’t do it.
» Any half-assing. We don’t half-ass anything we whole-ass our program and we get results! (email me if you get this! I want to see who’s paying attention)
» The cash for the program you want to do. (Budget $140-$200 prices vary)
» The excuses…. Everyone is busy. Everyone is tired. You make a way or you make an excuse.

wellness challenge

How will you make it work?

I’m a firm believer that you should wear life like a loose garment. We all know we feel better when we eat clean, workout, and get a good nights sleep, but what about ice cream and pizza and sometimes taking a nap instead of working out is a good idea.  If you were told that you could never be lazy and binge watch the Real Housewives or dip your delicious pizza in ranch again you wouldn’t make it through day one.  I don’t see these things as indulging in something taboo, I see it as self-care.

Moms are busy. There’s the partner,  the kids that never stop, a home to care for and the dog that needs a walk.  We don’t stop to take a shower let alone carve out time for ourselves. You can choose workouts that are short (usually 30 minutes or less) but effective, and more importantly enjoyable to you.  Give your body what it needs every single day with Shakeology. It saves loads of time and money on other health supplements. Keep your nutrition in check using the portion control system created by Beachbody and planning your meals ahead of time.

Stay connected with your tribe. We are here to support and challenge one another. As your coach, I provide daily accountability and inspiration as well as

Long story short, I make this work because I keep it simple and make it fun.  It’s the only way for this busy SAHM to make it happen. Seriously ladies, make food your friend and your workouts your happy place and you will see yourself transform from the inside out!

Ready? Le’s do this!

Here are the prerequisites.

» You must be 18 or older
» You must live in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, or if you are overseas, on a US Military Base
» This opportunity is not open to Beachbody coaches or people currently working with other Beachbody coaches (if you have ordered from Beachbody or done a challenge in the past and are not sure if you currently have a coach, just shoot me an email and I’ll help you figure it out!)

In the meantime, if you feel like you’re ready to get going, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch right away to help you pick out the perfect program for you and let you know the dates of the next challenge you can join! I cannot wait to learn more about you and help you get going!

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